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  • Violaine Cochard & Ariane Lallemand © Karine Peron Le Ouay
    Violaine Cochard & Ariane Lallemand © Karine Peron Le Ouay
  • Ariane Lallemand © Karine Peron Le Ouay
    Ariane Lallemand © Karine Peron Le Ouay
  • Violaine Cochard © Karine Peron Le Ouay
    Violaine Cochard © Karine Peron Le Ouay

Press reviews

About the duo :

« Une merveille! C’est un concert d’une décoiffante facture qui s’est déroulé (…) au Musée des Beaux-Arts d’Orléans dans le cadre de « Patrimoine et musique » (…) avec la violoncelliste Ariane Lallemand, la claveciniste Violaine Cochard (…). Voici une leçon de musique, un admirable duo dont il serait inconcevable de priver désormais le monde musical (…). »

Mag’centre, 2015


About Ariane Lallemand:

«  Splendid performer. »

The New York Times

« … Vraiment un événement extraordinaire… une technique parfaite… Cette interprète nous a offert tant de cœur, de passion et de sensibilité que la performance est devenue une rencontre privilégiée avec l’infini musical et le profond talent de son interprète. »

Le Dauphiné Libéré


About Violaine Cochard:

« Fulgurante beauté de jeu de la claveciniste Violaine Cochard, dans des pièces chantantes et profondes de Rameau. »

Mag’centre, 2015

« L’instrument est magnifique, l’interprétation ne l’est pas moins. »

Muse Baroque   

Cembalo & cello duet

Over years of collaboration with the most renowned baroque artists and ensembles, harpsichordist Violaine Cochard has developed a personal approach to cembalo based on humility in the presence of scores and composers. Parallel to her baroque activities, she enjoys working with musicians from different musical backgrounds, such as jazz pianist Edouard Ferlet, with whom she forms a unique duo around Bach, or modern folk music ensemble Tram des Balkans.

Acclaimed by the New York Times as a “splendid performer” and nominated for a Grammy Award, cellist Ariane Lallemand is a multi-faceted musician whose eclectic tastes led to explore contemporary, pop, classical, and baroque music. Over the years she has performed as soloist and chamber musician in numerous venues and music festivals in the United States, Europe, and Asia, collaborating with some of the most influential musicians, dancers, and composers.

Based on a longstanding friendship and a common taste for exploration, their deep musical kinship materialized during a sonata concert, bringing them further together, and revealing a remarkable complicity with the public, soon confirmed in further concerts, and described by critics as follows:

“a music lesson, a splendid duo, of which the musical world should not be deprived”.

The duo Violaine Cochard - Ariane Lallemand explores the cello and harpsichord repertoire in programs organized around various themes.

  • “A Journey with Monsieur Rameau”, dedicated to great names of the European Baroque Repertoire contemporary of Rameau.
  • “Around Johann-Sebastian Bach”, a program focusing on Bach’ s virtuoso viola da gamba sonatas and similar works by his contemporaries.
  • “Viaggio in Italia” explores a shimmering and expressive world spanning two centuries, examining the evolution of musical language and taste in the works of major and minor figures from Frescobaldi to Canavasso through Vivaldi and Scarlatti.
  • “France in the 18th century” centers on the virtuoso repertoire of Jean Barrière and Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, where poetry and freshness sublimate the very structured framework of French Baroque music.